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illustro Audio ~ Patch

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illustro Audio ~ Patch

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Adding to my collection of illustro style basic skins...
illustro Audio.png
:: Features ::
  • Double-click Title to open audio devices
  • Scroll over Title to change volume
  • Volume indicator bar
  • L+R Audio Bar display
  • L+R Waveform display
  • Bars only display
  • Waveform only skins
illustro Audio is a set of 3 Audio skins plus a skin to auto-refresh visualizers when the audio device is switched.

As a Patch, this will install these audio skins into your existing illustro folder without changing any other skins.
If illustro is not installed, it will install in a new illustro folder in your skins folder.

The audiodeviceautorefresh skin folder can be customized to work with most visualizers.

:: Credits ::
AudioLevel plugin by dgrace
AudioLevel2 plugin by dgrace
illustro style by Rainmeter Team

v1.2018.03.11 Initial Release
v1.2018.03.12 Added AudioDeviceAutoRefresh skin | Minor positioning corrections

Download latest version: illustro Audio ~ Patch
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