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How to Report if Rainmeter Crashes

Report bugs with the Rainmeter application and suggest features.
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How to Report if Rainmeter Crashes

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If Rainmeter crashes with an actual Windows error dialog box, please do the following to help us help you:

* Verify first that you are running the latest version of Rainmeter (try also the latest beta version if one is available).
* Make sure that you are able to reproduce the crash.
* Check the forum to make sure that the crash hasn't been reported already. If it has but you have some additional information please add it to the existing thread/issue instead of creating a new one.
* If the crash hasn't been reported earlier describe the exact steps how it can be reproduced. Also write your system configuration (operating system, etc), what skins you are using and provide a download link to the dmp file.

Getting the dmp file for the crash

So just zip up the .dmp file and if small enough attach it in a post, or host it somewhere and provide a link.