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Widespread Regular Expression Support

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Widespread Regular Expression Support

Post by raist00 »

One thing that could be really useful is support for regular expressions in all measures. (Well, specifically text measures but someone may be able to think of uses on other measure types)

This thread ( got me thinking about it but it could be useful for lots of other cases. One that occured to me was a music skin. There have been several questions asking if you could make scrolling text and - while that would still be a pain - regular expressions would allow you to split abitrary text like song titles and alternate parts of the text on one line, avoiding the need for wrapping.
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Re: Widespread Regular Expression Support

Post by Aubron »

Revived due to need.

I think it would make things a LOT simpler if we could use regular expressions in Measures.

I keep going through all my ideas for possible plugins, and almost all of them would be made 10 times simpler through the addition of widespread regexp use.