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July Desktop

Skins that monitor system information
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July Desktop

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Visual Style - Shadow for 7 by kirssirk (deviantArt)
Wallpaper - from the White Sands Pack, by John Carey (
Launchy - Engima by Kaelri (

Still haven't found the perfect Visual Style. Shadow is really great, but it blacks out the menus in GIMP (and in Firefox, unless I change the theme to NASA Night Launch) and that's annoying.

If you haven't found FiftyFootShadows, go check them out. It's straight up photography, so depending on what you like for you wallpaper it might not be for you. Anyway, I've got the whole White Sand pack set to my wallpaper - the image switches every hour.

The Rainmeter is all custom. It's pretty straightforward - four skins - the sidebar, notes, weather, and system monitor. They are all scaled to my work area, one sixth of the width and one third of the height. Double clicking the Rainmeter tray icon executes the !ToggleFadeGroup bang to show/hide the skins.
...and no extraneous clocks. ;-)
That's about it. Cheers everyone. :)

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