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P4 HUD Extended - skinable config concept

Skins that monitor system information
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P4 HUD Extended - skinable config concept

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My first creation on Rainmeter.
The Rainmeter documentation, Enigma and the forum posts have been a great help.
Rainmeter coding is pretty easy, except for some tricky parts like when sometimes it won't work if I forget the double quotes.

Anyway I'm here to share my Rainmeter config P4HUDEX.
Its a heavily modded/reworked version of the P4 HUD by Th3Laugh1ngMan.

The specialty of the reworked config is the ability to accept user created P4HUDEX Styles (like Winamp skins to Winamp).
This is achieved by separating the design elements to stylesheets, an approach I studied from Enigma's codes.

More details:
- P4 HUD Extended
- P4 HUD Extended - Style Pack
- P3mix for P4 HUD Extended