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Task Bar

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Task Bar

Post by samh11 »

does rainmeter have a skin that can replace the function of the task bar? like hold minimized windows and have a start button? i think it is wonky and annoying to run the task bar and rainmeter at the same time. im new to all this, so help is appreciated.
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Re: Task Bar

Post by santa_ryan »

Start button with external programs yes
Minimized windows with something like autoit creating a rainmeter formated ini based upon current open windows... yes

Native Rainmeter... No

Your going to have to do it yourself if you want minimized windows

Start Menu:

Things like this just arent things rainmeter does effectively. Thats what the following are for:

Emerge Desktop
KDE (Project KDE on Windows)
SharpE (now SharpEnviro)
Packard Bell Navigator
Program Manager
Secure Desktop
Talisman Desktop
CUBEx Series
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