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Relative Time Measure

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Relative Time Measure

Post by Kaelri »

I've been working on this Calendar, and the underlying math is giving me a bit of trouble. I thought of another method I could use with a bit of extra flexibility in the Time measure.

Something like this:

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Which would return the time value of one day in the future.
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Re: Relative Time Measure

Post by Rorix »

Give this modified rainmeter.dll a try (code changes up to r116 included).

Adds an 'Adjust' setting to the time measure. Offsets the current date by the number of days specified (negative values supported).


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This will display the day of the month of tomorrow. I have tested it a bit and so far everything works including month changes, year changes and leap years.

I'm not sure if this will help you in making your calendar since it's relative to today so every day you'll get a new 'week' displayed.