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Dual Monitor, Modded, Awesome

Skins that monitor system information
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Dual Monitor, Modded, Awesome

Post by richowen »

Just came back to RainMeter after using it a fair bit back in the 0.xx days. Recently got Dual Mons so thought lets give it a crack. Took a few hours, finding the right configs and modding the .ini's, was fun though. I think it came out pretty well :D.
Configs: "Rainmeter" for the Hdd's and CPU/RAM
"Flat" Network Monitor
"Big Red" time and date
Modded "Black and Red" system objects, made it vertical, added a few custom apps, unbold, removed title
Heavily Modded "Operative" iTunes.ini. Made vertical, centered, removed background, resized icons, added custom artwork window .png.

All credit to the original Config makers, amazing work.
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Re: Dual Monitor, Modded, Awesome

Post by jsmorley »

Nice work.