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Winamp Visual EQ/left-right

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Winamp Visual EQ/left-right

Post by Nycrea »

So, I have spent quite some time looking for a music/sound visualizer that I can put on my desktop with Rainmeter.
I honestly cannot find it, that's why I would like to ask you if this is even possible. And if it is, and it is not too hard to make, can someone make something that looks like this (see below) for me?
Any help would be much appreciated.
Also, something that looks like the attached file would be very cool.
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Re: Winamp Visual EQ/left-right

Post by Seahorse »

I'm pretty sure a similar thread for this came up some time ago and the answer was was no as, at the time there was no way for Rainmeter to get the values. Can't seem to find the post with all the details to link though... O.O

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