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skin help needed :(

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skin help needed :(

Post by KingS »

ams new to teh ranmeter forums... i been edit other persons skins for a whiles now... and i has problem with new skin.... ams not sure how explain this...

i has skin set to compress looks on button pressed... and other button uncompress skin.

the problem is teh skin is compressed it not goto side of screen for right hand... stay away from edge 130 pixels... it wills go on left hand edge perfectly....

skin @ right side :uhuh:
skin @ left side :D
sorrow for bad enlish :(
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Re: skin help needed :(

Post by Shark1502 »

It's possible that there's something in that skin keeping it from changing size. Use the dynamicwindowsize=1 option in the rainmeter section and make sure there are no background images enlarging the skin.

If it still doesn't resolve you can simply disable 'snap to edges' so that the skin is free floating and you can move wherever needed