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How do I fix angle text cut off?

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How do I fix angle text cut off?

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Hello friends! I am using the new Easy A theme featured on lifehacker and for just getting started yesterday I feel I am doing pretty well at this. My only issue so far is that I am trying to increase the size of the text used to display my clock, weather, and iTunes music, and when I do my text is being cut off. I've read a few other posts but just can't seem to get the answer I'm looking for. I know that the angle of the text being displayed is causing the text to go outside of the "window" when it is increased, and I know that playing with the H,W,X,Y parameters can help but I'm just not quite sure how to go about manipulating them or even where to place them cause not all of those parameters are even being used for whatever reason. I really just need to know what parameters I need to change to increase the window size to display the larger font size I want. I can supply the code when I get home later today but any tips in the meantime would be greatly appreciated since work is pretty slow anyways. Thanks in advance for the communities help. :D
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Re: How do I fix angle text cut off?

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add something like this to the begining of the meters

W=some big number
H=some big number

that should make a background for all the next meters and shouldn't have cut off issues as long as the W and H are bigger than the rest