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Replicating skins

General topics related to Rainmeter.
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Replicating skins

Post by GP_Ghost »

Hey Guys, I was wondering if there was any way to replicate skins. One of my skins came with buttons that linked to .exe or url's, but not enough, and I want more.

I appreciate the help guys, Thanks.
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Re: Replicating skins

Post by jsmorley »

In general, you can just duplicate the folder that the skin(s) is in, rename it to something new, refresh Rainmeter and load the new skin.

You might run into trouble with .inc (@Include) files, but if you keep the new folder at the same "level" in the directory structure as the original, it will probably work without much hassle.

It's going to depend a bit on how the original skin is written, and how / if it is "configured". Does it have a configuration tool of some kind? If so, that tool is probably not going to work with the new skin. However, as long as you are willing to dig into the skin(s) a bit if needed, it should be possible to get the results you want.