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Hey guys new to rainmeter

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Hey guys new to rainmeter

Post by Kozar927 »

Hows it going I just installed Rainmeter as the final project in my GUI customization. Im new to this and the biggest problem I am having is finding a skin for the system tray. For Rainmeter to look best I have my taskbar hidden and I find it very hard to work without the system tray (I believe its now called Notification area now but you no what I mean its were uTorrent and Aim etc sit when their closed) I searched all over deviant art, can anyone point me in the right direction?
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Re: Hey guys new to rainmeter

Post by jsmorley »

Sorry, but Rainmeter is not a shell replacement, and cannot do anything to your system tray / notification area, nor is it possible to write a skin that replicates the functionality other than the most basic dislpay of a clock / network icon / volume indicator. You might be able to display icons for selected "running" applications and there are a few more clever things you could come up with, but the long and the short of it is that anything you can do in Rainmeter as a "system tray" is going to just be crippled and useless compared to the actual functionality baked into Windows.