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music player

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music player

Post by LoRDCharMander »

So I installed Enigma and it has itunes as my music player. The only reason I have itunes is to put music on my ipod and nothing else. I prefer Windows Media Player a shit ton more than itunes. If possible, how can I change it so I get WMP to be the default instead of shitty itunes? (also same with browser, I prefer chrome and it's firefox).
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Re: music player

Post by Karevma »

You need to get into the variables/configure. I think the default is just to middle click the task/sidebar and find the App3, App3Path, App3Label. Change those to Chrome, Chrome.exe (or wherever your main Chrome.exe is, not the shortcut), and keep App3Label as Net. I don't use WMP, but instead use MediaMonkey so I'm not sure about that. It might just be the same as you did with Chrome but then again, I needed a plugin for MM to work. Let me know how it goes.