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General topics related to Rainmeter.
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Post by eXosphere »

What's the best skin to start customizing as a beginner? I'm using Enigma at the moment.

If anyone would also like to help me, I'd appreciate it.
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Re: Customization

Post by Kaelri »

The latest beta versions of Rainmeter come with a set of "starter skins," called illustro. These skins are specifically designed to help beginners learn how to customize Rainmeter. (You'll probably want to look at our Skin Tutorials to go along with them.)

After that, there's really no right or wrong skin to customize. What's most important is simply to have a goal in mind. Try to imagine a skin that you would like to have, and then make it. In my experience, the best learning comes from taking other people's skins apart to see how they work, then putting them back together in different ways.