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Displaying Rainmeter always on top

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Re: Displaying Rainmeter always on top

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jsmorley wrote:Well, I don't think I can add anything. No other application is allowed to live "on top" of the Windows taskbar. They go behind it or are constrained when maximized so they don't extend over it. Rainmeter skins can be put on top of the taskbar and set to "Stay Topmost" and they will try to stay above, but Windows is going to fight them when you click on the taskbar. I'm not sure what kind of behavior this is causing when Rainmeter tries to live in that environment.

My advice it to not try to have a skin that is on top of the Windows taskbar. Set the taskbar to "auto-hide" and then let the skin be "below" it, this will have the desired effect except when actually using the taskbar.
Except when maximizing windows
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Re: Displaying Rainmeter always on top

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mattie3317 wrote: Except when maximizing windows
Maybe some clever use of DesktopWorkArea in Rainmeter can get you across the plate.