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Its about a quote skin

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Its about a quote skin

Post by JoeKageri »

so, yeah, Hi, I'm completely new here... and im not sure where exactly to post, figured this might be the best place to ask...

before i start, let me just say that, sorry, because my english is kinda bad (reading comics to improve it i guess)

I'm a huuuuuge fan of Harley Quinn (Joker's girl... or so to speak) and i was lookin' around for a quote skin i could use to display Harley's quotes... well... the closest i got to were these...

Problem is, they're using quotes taken online... is there something like this which i could edit/add quotes manually instead of displaying the quotes them from online?

also, is it possible to get the quotes to show up with a small cropped picture which goes with the quotes?

err.. say for example,
"I have a dream" - Luther king, (a picture of him here which is taken from folder off my picture folders)

then after bout 30 seconds

"Misunderestimate" - Bush (bush pic here)

and so on...

If its kinda hard with the pic, then the quotes only would be fine, especially if i could edit the font and size D: THAT would be more helpful

again sorry for the bad english, and thanks for actually reading this all the way till here D:

Peace and cookies