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This is Tom

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This is Tom

Post by TomS »


just created my account after installing rainmeter, adjusting the Enigma theme / skin (what's the difference?) and playing around with the taskbar skin.

First of all - rainmeter and Enigmal look great. I used some unix-like window managers in the past. Then I tried blackbox, now rainmeter. What I like is that you don't have to replace the explorer but put rainmeter of top of it. And it seems that you can adjust nearly everything.

Question regarding the Enigma taskbar: is there a way to make it a real taskbar? Currently I think it's a launcher, "only". What I am looking for is a taskbar containing an icon and/or a text for every active application - something like the Windows taskbar. Is there something available for rainmeter?

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Re: This is Tom

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it can not substitute the windows taskbar
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Re: This is Tom

Post by Chewtoy »

Ground control to mayor Tom~

A skin is ONE thing, like the clock. That is one skin.
Where as a theme is lots of skins that you put in different places, so it's really just a group of skins.
Then you have a suit that is skins that follow the same design (mostly) and are in the same 'skin pack'.

Rainmeter is NOT a shell replacement. It is simply as System monitor that you can customize till your hearts content and waste days with playing around. ;)
So no, you can't replace the taskbar with rainmeter. You will have to look elsewhere for that. Like RocketDock, LiteStep, bbLean, Emerge desktop or some other replacement.

Good luck and have fun!
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