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AltimitOS "Complete" Skin

Skins to open folders and launch applications and websites
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AltimitOS "Complete" Skin

Post by vidyaesquire »

Hey everyone. I just started using Rainmeter two weeks ago and threw together this skin. All the icons were modeled in Sketchup and edited in Photoshop.
Things being worked on:
-News and Mailer icons are not fixed on the axis, as such they pan right and left as they turn.
-The portal animation needs work as does the logo, which is not animated yet.
-The buttons will eventually have preview windows like in the games, functionality is something else
-The .ini files are complete garbage and will be updated with Styles and less variables, CPU load is also an issue
-I need to make one of those nifty one-file skin installers, probably need to group all these icons together or something, I really have no idea what's going on in Rainmeter, I literally just started using it to make this skin

Hope you enjoy what I have now, no word on when I'll be updating again.


Props to CyberConnect and the dude that runs, I used the portal animation from his site and will be using the sounds from there, everything else is 100% made from scratch by me


--DEVIANT LINK (It's the same)
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Re: AltimitOS "Complete" Skin

Post by jsmorley »

Very cool. Now that you see how to do things yourself in Rainmeter, say goodbye to all your free time. ;-)