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A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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The time is due for an update of SimpleMeter.
The whole suit is now dynamic to the fontsize you set, so if you up the size of the font - the suit will change accordingly.

*Easier to edit settings.
*Dynamically sizeable.
*Added a slim view.
- Easy to change to slim-view (right click).
*Added Notes.
*Added launcher.
- Easy to change what icons and apps you want.
*Added RSS-feed.
*Added StringEffect-option.
*Added battery option to SystemAll.
*Now support for 12 cores.
*Added wifi-'strength and list'-skin.
*Added 12h-clock support with AM/PM option.

There are no annoying addons that you set the variables with, you only need to have your notepad (or other texteditor of your choice) to do it and you get a better look of it all.

Now - Enjoy!
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Re: SimpleMeter_v2.0

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Nice work!