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New to Rainmeter...

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Wrinkledlion X
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New to Rainmeter...

Post by Wrinkledlion X »

Hi, my cousin turned me onto Rainmeter the other day, and I'm still not sure what to think of it. On the one hand, it's certainly very slick and cool in its design-- but beyond that, what real justification is there for using it? I mean, I can get all the same functionality out of standard widgets, so what am I actually gaining?

My cousin tells me it loads up faster than widgets, but my widgets all load within a second of startup, so that's really a non-issue for me. I'm inclined to like it simply for the appearance, but unless I can find a clipboard manager (my most-used widget) for it, I'm afraid I'll have to uninstall it. :?

So basically what I'm asking is: Are there any unique, useful features that I should know about, and can anyone point me in the direction of a Rainmeter clipboard manager?
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Re: New to Rainmeter...

Post by JpsCrazy »

As for a clipboard, I'm not sure if Rainmeter has this functionality without an outside program.

But as for unique features, you can completely customize anything you want to your liking. With widgets, you get what the designer well, designed.
And I'm sure there's a few things Rainmeter can do that a Widget can't.
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Re: New to Rainmeter...

Post by Chewtoy »

The most outstanding feature is that you can make everything you like (pretty much), make it look however you like, and it's STILL not a resource-hog like many widgets tend to be.
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