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Help with font changing

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Help with font changing

Post by Eskimow »

Hey, I'm new to Rainmeter but I spent a good while customizing icons and what applications they launch, so I thought I had a good idea of how to change things.
So when I went to change the fonts in Enigma's iTunes skin, I installed the font I wanted (It's called: imagine font Regular ) but it never changed. I changed the Trebuchet MS that was in to the font I wanted and all the FontFace in the Music.ini is set to FontFace=#FontFace#
I refreshed the skin as well as exited and re-opened Rainmeter to make sure that wasn't it.

If someone could paste their changed font and bold the parts that need to be changed so I can change it, that would be great.
Screenshots work too as long as the text is large enough to read.
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Re: Help with font changing

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