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Sliding and Fading Text?

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Sliding and Fading Text?

Post by cyberxwarrior »

Hi, Rainmeter coding rookie here. I'm working on a Rainmeter skin that behaves like the Zune HD UI. When you tap on something the other options fade out and the selection slides to the top of the screen (almost all the way off).

Is there any way of having the text slide or translate to a desired point? I can get the text to disappear and reappear on the top, but I have no idea how to slide it in a smooth motion.

And, is there a way to get the text to fade out on click? !RainmeterHideFade only works on configs it looks like.
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Re: Sliding and Fading Text?

Post by Chewtoy »

You could probably do it with some annoying calcs and bangs. Lots of work and might be quite a CPU-hog. But that's my bet anyway.
Take a look at Polarclock and work from there.
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