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weather and rss wont show

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weather and rss wont show

Post by kuyapao »

im having some problems with any kind of skin that i use for weather.
for example i can't get the weather for enigma to work even after i put the weather code for my area. i also tried changing from xml to xoap and vice versa. am i missing a step?
ive also tried it with skins that use other sites for the info like yahoo and i cant get those to work either.

im also having trouble with using the rss readers for any skin.
i even tried using the skin that was provided with the tutorial on this site. i thought that skin was complete and all i had to do was load it up and it would work fine. but it doesnt. am i missing something?

thank you
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Re: weather and rss wont show

Post by Chewtoy »

Are you behind a proxy or is your firewall stonewalling rainmeter?
I don't think, therefore I'm not.