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WMP Songs not updating

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WMP Songs not updating

Post by Telum »

I'm still pretty new to rainmeter, and I'm terrible at coding, so I couldn't figure out how to fix this, and I couldn't even find help with Google.

I just recently installed the 'Now Playing!' skin, and it was working fine, but then the power went down in my house. When I re-booted, I launched WMP again, however, the song currently playing no longer shows up correctly. Instead, the song playing as my comp crashed is now permanently shown as playing. I've reinstalled the plugin, and even downloaded a similar plugin, but it still shows the song playing at the time of the crash.

-You can see 'My Favourite Game' is currently playing, but rainmeter is saying 'Witchcraft' is playing.

So any idea how to fix this? Is there a full refresh or something somewhere? any help would be appreciated.
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