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Plain text/html/RSS/Atom Sudoku?

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Plain text/html/RSS/Atom Sudoku?

Post by JpsCrazy »

I'm finishing up my Sudoku skin, but there's one small huge problem.
No one wants to do the same Sudoku's over and over.
I've searched around and I can only find 1 Sudoku that's not flash or some other type of thing. []
I would use that, but there's a problem.
The link it gives to the Sudoku game is a relative path.
You cannot use this: to parse a url with a relative path.
Therefore, the user can only do the amount of Sudoku's I manually type in.
That's 162 !bangs per game. I've done almost 3, but that'll get old fast and I'd rather find something I can parse and get data from any day.

That's why I need you.
Do you know any Sudoku's that use any sort of information Rainmeter would be able to read?
Is there a way to fix this problem?
Thanks ahead.