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New User and Commander HUD!

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New User and Commander HUD!

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Hey all. New here and finished the tutorials on the 101 page. Decided to expand a little and started poking around other skin configuration files. I came up with a heavily modified 10 Foot HUD, used it as reference when things (in my file) wouldn't work right and I think I might have even ended up with an improved result. I noticed while using 10 Foot the letters would get pushed out the window and clip some. This annoyed me to no end, so that's when I decided to dive right in. I bring you the Commander HUD! I figure it's not too bad for a first attempt at this stuff. Let me know what you think!

The idea behind this is inspired by the recently released StarCraft 2. I'm going for a sci-fi HUD style. Later on I hope to incorporate dynamic buttons and sounds to mimic the game's control HUD. The idea would be that the buttons control the viewing of CPU/GPU temperatures. Advice would be greatly appreciated on how to get started on this!

Edit: Put in a System: Online thingy.
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