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Rainmeter 32 compared to 64

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Rainmeter 32 compared to 64

Post by sgtevmckay »

Ok, as I start my journey with the Windows 7 RC1 (64 bit)

I recently recall that there is one release for the 64 bit.

Although I will probably figure these thing out soon enough.
I was hoping someone(s) may already have some of these answers.

What is the primary difference(s) between Rainmeter 32 and 64 versions.

Is there a way to migrate certain parts of the 32bit untested release into the 64 bit environment (even by hand if needs be).

what limitations have other 64 bit users run into.

What else should I be aware of moving forward.

We will become a 64 bit world soon enough, and eventually this is the way for Rainmeter to go as well.
We need to look forward now, so it is my intent to assist the developers in any way possible, as well as other member goers.
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Re: Rainmeter 32 compared to 64

Post by sunshine76 »

i am using rainmeter 32 bit so far, but the problem is i cud never make the CPU skin to work, it always shows cpu 0% usage. btw i use windows 7 64 bit RC, so i tried rainmeter 64 bits and the probelm solved but unfortunately it crashes often, so i had to go back to 32 bits.