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Wireless Info plugin

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Wireless Info plugin

Post by NiteShdw »

McKay: I received your email message about the WirelessInfo plugin.

While I was responsible for the plugin's creation, I didn't actually author it. I really wanted a wireless signal meter for Rainmeter. I actually hired a programmer on to write the plugin for me.

I delivered the source along with the plugin to Rainy, and I believe he's actually made updates since then.

If it's just a question of ownership, I'm happy to turn over all rights to the code to the Rainmeter project.

If it's a question of functionality of the plugin, since I didn't write it, there's nothing I can do to help there. I am kind of surprised by the way the programmer chose to implement the plugin. I thought there was a way to get the info without having to install a driver (like you have to right now).
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Re: Wireless Info plugin

Post by sgtevmckay »

Ok, well that answers the long and well thought out PM, I sent, and that is ok. I will see what I can do or have done.

I think I have any idea.

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Re: Wireless Info plugin

Post by poiru »

By the way, if I remember correct, Gavatx once mentioned that this plugin does not support wireless networks that use WPA2 encryption.
Is this correct?

Re: Wireless Info plugin

Post by sgtevmckay »

Unfortunately that is true.

There is a current consensus that we should be able to monitor the system wireless measurements without the use of a driver.

I have not put any time into at this point as my plate is currently full, but if windows can measure directly, we should be able to get a measure out put to one of the Rainmeter plugins currently in place.

Something to consider and explore.