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Please help.

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I am jake
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Please help.

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Hello, i have been using rainmeter for like a day now. I just can't seem to get this weather working, it's moxaweather I've been reading about need a weather code and stuff but where do i put all this stuff? I'm still learning so I'm newbie.
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Re: Please help.

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ok i am assuming that you are usuing enter a weather code you have to go to configuration (its on that black box that says E N I G M A at the top and has instructions, skins, themes, then configuration. or follow this --> [right-click skin > Rainmeter menu >Configs > Enigma > Resources > Configuration.ini). anyway when you click on configuration a box will pop up with a list of stuff and the first one should say WeatherCode. here you enter you weathercode (see below) click set value then save all. next refresh your weather skin and you should be good to go :]

After much trial and error, Rainmeter has settled on Yahoo! Weather as the source for
weather updates and other information used by numerous Enigma skins. Visit Yahoo! to
find your local weather code. (If you live in the United States, you may simply use your ZIP
code.) see this link if you need further help -->