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N00b :3

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N00b :3

Post by SilentSlaughters »

I'm Tay :3
I'm 15 and I live in The U.S.

Basically a total newb to Rainmeter.
I can handle VERY basics xD thats about it though.

I've had Rainmeter and Rainlendar for a couple months now and all that i have learned has been through trial and error (still havent learned a lot though lolz)
I do enjoy messing with it and trying to bend it to my will though. So..maybe with these forums i can learn how to better do that ^_^

<3 Tay
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Re: N00b :3

Post by Chewtoy »

To get a better grasp of it all, I suggest you take a look at if you have not already done so (can always take a look at it again if you have).
And I also recommend the manual which can be found here:

Reading and understanding those will make it MUCH easier to understand and bend rainmeter to your will. :)
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