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iTunes, Run and Toggle

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iTunes, Run and Toggle

Post by Cloaky »

Well, I am new with Rainmeter so I am quiet lost on how to do things, yesterday I went to IRC and a few guys helped me a bit with this and I am getting there :).
I wanna have a button that run iTunes if it is closed and Toggle (Hide/Show) if it is already running. As far as I could understand from yesterday, I could check if the process is running and then assign a action to the button.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: iTunes, Run and Toggle

Post by Aarowaim »

Now here is something I tried to do first off. I recommend you edit the enigma sidebar music player so that you learn a bit of the language. For now, make sure that you have a meter (button or visual) for every measure (command/request).
Visit here for iTunes Commands (Bangs), If you want to to display iTunes by left-clicking on a button, here is a sample script to show you how.
NOTE: anything in red isn't needed, but helps to keep your script organized. Anything in blue should NOT be used and is only there to explain what goes there




ImageName(Enter an image path)
X=(Insert any number here 1 is 1 pixel to the right, -100 is 100 pixels to the left)
Y=(Insert any number here)
LeftMouseDownAction=!Execute [!RainmeterPluginBang "CommandThatYouWantToActivate"]
Here is that sample script properly formatted


LeftMouseDownAction=!Execute [!RainmeterPluginBang "Toggle"]
This will only work if iTunes is open.

To open iTunes when iTunes is not running, LeftMouseDownAction=!execute ["C:\Program Files\iTunes
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