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Non-RSS Gmail reader

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Non-RSS Gmail reader

Post by wetawet »

Hi everyone,

I just registered and I'm having problems with setting up a gmail reader in Rainmeter.
I'm currently using the Enigma theme, but all the email readers I could find in the internet were RSS/Atom.
After some research as to why nothing would show up in the Gmail skin, despite everything else working, I found out that Google does not offer RSS services for Germany (for whatever reason, perhaps because of the legal situation with the Gmail/Googlemail name).

So I was wondering, if there is any e-mail skin out there for Rainmeter which does not work with RSS. I read something that Gmail does not allow POP3, because of something with SSL or what not.

Sorry for writing so wonky and unclear.

Tl;dr I'm searching for a gmail skin that does not use RSS.

Thanks a lot,
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Re: Non-RSS Gmail reader

Post by JpsCrazy »

I use POP3 with Gmail I think. O.O
US Gmail at least.

Is there any kind of feed you can read?
The hard part is putting in your username/pass...
If you have 'Keep me logged in until I log out' or something similar checked you may be able to get past this.
You could try creating a WebParser measure that reads from whatever url your gmail is and then parse the html.
I don't know how easy/well it'll work, but you can try.
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Re: Non-RSS Gmail reader

Post by Jkon »

I have used thunderbird to read both pop and imap for gmail in europe and the U.S but i'm not sure about germany's particular situation.If you can use thunderbird or a similar mail reader I wonder if you may be able to parse it's storage folder?