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Introduce yourself to the Rainmeter community!
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Hi, everybody!

I'm quite new to Rainmeter, I had it a long time ago and played around with it and got some pretty cool results. Only that is when I had Windows Vista, I have Windows 7 now and I have grown accustomed to how it is used. I want to start fresh with a cool looking design, I am avid in photoshop so I could build upon that. I am kind of familiar with coding in Rainmeter, it isn't hard stuff to learn.

But I was wondering if somebody could introduce me to the basics of the forums and maybe tutorials or anything that could help out a beginner get used to Rainmeter.


P.s, I'll be poking around the forum a bit, I might find things before you do, but I would appreciate the extra help you guys might have to offer! :D
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Re: Hello!

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Take a look at
And you can always try looking at skins to understand them.
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