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X=*R is there a X=*L?

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X=*R is there a X=*L?

Post by sloth »

So I'm messing with a network info skin, adding a total down/up but I'd like the total down/up amount to be left of the current down/up something like:

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Up:             Total - Speed
Down:         Total - Speed
The thing is I want Speed to be right aligned in regards to the config. I know I could do it statically but I was hoping to have Total and Speed a set distance apart so I don't have to either have a huge space or have speed overlap total when my speed goes into the hundred kbps range.
(It idles at 2kbps or so, so just having it stationary would be like a 3 character gap which looks horrible)

So how would I go about aligning Total to come off the left of Speed?
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Re: X=*R is there a X=*L?

Post by Chewtoy »

X=r and X=R
r = makes it relative to the LEFT of the previouse showing meter.
R = makes it relative to the RIGHT of the previouse showing meter.

For the text to come out 'through' the right side, you need to have StringAlign=Right. This will make the X-position the end of the string.
If you have StringAlign=Left (which is default), the X-position will define the begining of the string.
You can also have StringAling=Center.

But all this is very good explained in the Documentation.
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