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ShortCutKey - Asign a key to use it with HotKey

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ShortCutKey - Asign a key to use it with HotKey

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Simple yet usefull shortcut assigner for non technical users. It has support for almost any standard keyboard key excluding space bar for hotkey plugin divider.

I wonder why this has so many downloads.... was it needed?


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LeftMouseDownAction=[!WriteKeyValue Variables config "keytest;#keytest#;#ROOTCONFIGPATH#\test.ini" "#ROOTCONFIGPATH#\shortcutkey\index.ini"][!ActivateConfig "#ROOTCONFIG#\shortcutkey"]

Download list:
  • ShortCutKeyExample_1.0.1.rmskin
    Added "Cancel" button.
    Added check if user does not pick any keys to save.

  • ShortCutKeyExample_1.0.0.rmskin
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