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Hey there, Forum!

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Hey there, Forum!

Post by Crvena-Zastava »

Hey folks, hows it going?

Recently, I started to notice that my Windows 7 Desktop was filled with shortcuts and useless junk that I never even opened. Everything was all over the place, and the entire desktop in general was a mess. So I decided to clean it up; get a nice wallpaper and a few cool gadgets too and pin everything I need to the Taskbar.

I got some fair gadgets and a pretty cool wallpaper too (Click here if you want to check it out), but the gadgets didn't go well with the background and it still didn't look like anything special.

Today at school though, I was talking to a guy that knew a fair bit about computers and he suggested I try out Rainmeter. I checked out some pictures, and it looked pretty cool (If any of you are wondering, I got Enigma). So yeah, now my Desktop looks awesome and flashy and I am proud of it!

I mainly joined this Forum to ask questions and to look for hints & tips, but hopefully if I end up understanding Rainmeter a fair bit then I can do some answering as well!

All the best, guys! :-)
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Re: Hey there, Forum!

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Welcome to the forums.