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Virtuoso ~ System Tray Icon for Virtual Desktop Control

Skins that control functions in Windows or Rainmeter
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Virtuoso ~ System Tray Icon for Virtual Desktop Control

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System Tray Icon for Virtual Desktop Control

Single System Tray Icon Controls All Virtual Desktop Options
Scroll to Move Through Virtual Desktops
Current Desktop Name Display (appears for a few seconds on desktop change)
Unique Wallpaper for Each Desktop (optional)
Individual Fit Setting for Each Wallpaper
Left-click Icon to Select any Open Task from any Desktop
Right-click for a Custom Context Menu

Virtual Desktop Overview
Move to Right Virtual Desktop
Move to Left Virtual Desktop
Add a New Virtual Desktop
Close Current Virtual Desktop
Edge Virtual Desktop Switching Control
Unique Virtual Desktop Wallpaper Control
Rainmeter Skin Menu Access

This is an all-in-one icon for interacting with your virtual desktops that sits in your system tray.

Interact with your virtual desktops from a single tray icon. Scroll to change desktop, left click to select an active task. Right click for a custom menu with overview, move left/right, add remove desktop, edge switcher, unique wallpaper, and Rainmeter menu.

To see the desktop number on change, set the skin "Position" in skin "Settings" menu to "Stay topmmost". You can move the desktop indicator anywhere on the screen while it is displayed by holding the left mouse button down over it and moving its position (default is upper left corner).

To have the tray icon always visible, you should open the 'Personalization' settings and select 'Taskbar'. Then click the link in 'Notification Area' to 'Select which icons appear on the taskbar'. In that list, select the "Rainmeter desktop customization tool" items and set them to "On".

When you switch Unique Wallpaper off in the custom context menu, the current desktop wallpaper will be used for all virtual desktops. A few tile-able images are included to demonstrate setting wallpapers.

Several 'ico' images are available if a different system tray icon is desired (see #@#Resources\Icons).

Edge switching can be set to 'Hover' or 'Click' action (default is 'Hover'). It works by holding you mouse over the upper-middle left or right screen edges for a second. There is a built-in delay of 750 milliseconds before taking any action.

Comments welcome!

TrayIcon plugin by death.crafter
VirtualDesktop plugin by RadAd
RainFocus Addon by ~Faradey
Icon8 Icons

V 1.2024.02.25
Simplified wallpaper settings
Corrected desktop display when renamed
Added color options to background shape

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