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Sidebar and Toolbar

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Sidebar and Toolbar

Post by MaximumBatman »

Hello, I am very new to Rainmeter and require a bit of assistance. I would search posts concerning this specific issue, but I am unsure as how to word it. Instead of wasting time attempting to give my problem a comprehensible name, I have decided to post here for help. As I have stated before, I am a greenhorn, so please bear with me.

I recently installed this theme here:

I have installed all my desired skins and it is working without any errors. However, my default Enigma sidebar and taskbar are still present. This is quite distracting and they are both unnecessary. How do I get rid of them? Also, I am having the same issue with the Windows XP taskbar. Is there a setting I can configure to make it invisible or disappear?

I apologize for my ignorant call for help, as I am sure this may seem like a trivial matter to most of you. Help would be much appreciated. Thank you very much.
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Re: Sidebar and Toolbar

Post by Chewtoy »

For rainmeter - Right click on the skin -> Skin menu -> Close skin.
Alternativly, you can go trough RainBrowser. Open it (rightclick on skin -> Configs -> Manage skins...), mark the skin you want gone -> Unload skin.

As for the task bar.
There is no setting in rainmeter for this. You can however hide it.
Right click on the taskbar, choose 'Hide'.
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