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Context - Context Menu

Skins that control functions in Windows or Rainmeter
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Context - Context Menu

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Context Menu


Simple context menu to avoid using default one.


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RightMouseDownAction=[!WriteKeyValue Variables config "center;upper,Lua Function;!CommandMeasure {Script} {Function('some value', 69)},Link;,Bang;!WriteKeyValue Variables test {69} {#@#\}" "#ROOTCONFIGPATH#\context\index.ini"][!ActivateConfig "#ROOTCONFIG#\context"][!SetWindowPosition "([#CURRENTCONFIGX] + $MouseX$)" "([#CURRENTCONFIGY] + $MouseY$)" "#ROOTCONFIG#\context"] 

{some text} Every character { or } will be swapped for ".

ALIGN: left, center, right
CASE: upper, lower, proper, normal
NAME: text, lua function
VALUE: lua function, rainmeter bang, application command

Download list:
  • ContextExample_1.0.2.rmskin
    Fixed lua functions being cut if there was more then one value.
    Updated readme file.

  • ContextExample_1.0.1.rmskin
    Replaced MouseXY plugin with rainmeter build in solution.
    Fixed background height calculation.
    Added customization for alignment and case for labels.
    Added Focus plugin to check whenever user is in focus with skin.
    Blocked right mouse button action from the skin.

  • ContextExample_1.0.0.rmskin
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