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Color - Color Changer

Skins that control functions in Windows or Rainmeter
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Color - Color Changer

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A simple lua color changer which is based on rainmeter snippets.
It supports: (input/output)
  • rgba
  • rgb
  • hex
  • hsla
The only thing you need to do to use it are two bangs:
  • [!WriteKeyValue Variables config "variable;#variable#;format;path" "path to the folder\color\index.ini"]
  • [!ActivateConfig "path to the folder\color"]
  • LeftMouseUpAction=[!WriteKeyValue Variables config "color;#color#;hex;#ROOTCONFIGPATH#\test.ini" "#ROOTCONFIGPATH#\color\index.ini"][!ActivateConfig "#ROOTCONFIG#\color"]
Download List:
  • ColorExample_1.0.3.rmskin
    Added missing Mouse plugin.
    Added color picker function.

  • ColorExample_1.0.2.rmskin
    Fixed hex and hsl values not updating after input.
    Fixed alpha value not properly convert from hex or hsl to rgba.
    Added more checks to block user from using values above maximum and below minimum.
    Added reset button to revert user changes.
    Cleaned up the debug print-outs for more clearance.
    Updated the library of convertions to handle explicit usage of the input fields.
    Now hex can be inputed via "RGB", "RRGGBB" and "RRGGBBAA" format.
    CAUTION! The modified values will be lost if background appearance will be changed!

  • ColorExample_1.0.1.rmskin
    Fixed input number values that user can use.
    Fixed input default values not displaying.
    Added buttons to control background appearance.
    Added shadow behind previews for better clearance.

  • ColorExample_1.0.0.rmskin
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