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Skins to open folders and launch applications and websites
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Post by reisir »


The last honeycomb clone you'll ever need. Automatically generate combs for every single program on your computer, no need to hunt for icons online and manually fiddle with skin files.


  • Automatic comb generation for each application on your system!
  • Customizable styles and colors and shadows
  • Very small filesize due to not bundling in a ton of icons!

Install using Meters on Demand:

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mond install reisir/autocomb
Manual installation instructions and more on GitHub:

Autocomb can't help you arrange your icons though...
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Re: Autocomb

Post by Yincognito »

reisir wrote: November 12th, 2023, 7:40 pm Autocomb can't help you arrange your icons though...
Shouldn't be too hard to devise a grid like system based on the screen resolution (or the area desired to be populated and its coordinates and size), the number of combs and the size of a comb and sort them alphabetically as a base for it. Given the proper conditions, they could even be sticked / adjacent to one another...

Otherwise, nice work! :thumbup:
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Re: Autocomb

Post by Zeno »

Been using it, it's pretty cool and works well.
My feedback:
Since it wipes custom-made combs whenever it generates the default ones, it's currently unusable for a lot of use case scenarios, like portable applications. It would be ideal and "the last honeycomb i'll ever need" if i could drag an executable-folder-file over the autocomb skin and have it generate it into a comb automatically, or if it had any other way to quickly create and maintain custom combs.