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Use a dock

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Re: Use a dock

Post by balala »

Toomeng04 wrote: November 9th, 2023, 9:14 am Hello. I used to use a dock on my rainmeter which was vertical and had circular icons. And it used to be hidden in some place of the desktop and upon mouse hover, it showed up and i could open an app and then it would hide back again. It used to have a plus sign in the middle of it so that i could add more shortcuts. But i forgot to take a note of the name of that dock and dont have the rmskin file anymore. Can you please help me find this dock according to the things mentioned above? Thanks in advance.
Since no one came up with an idea of what are you looking for, my guess is that you have to take a look into the Docs and Launchers section of Share Your Creations, maybe you can find there what are you looking for. There are 92 topics in this section, so maybe is not impossible to find it, if it has been uploaded there.
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Re: Use a dock

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Yeah, the reason why there was no reply yet is quite simple: the features you mentioned need one to actually try / use the dock you mentioned, i.e. they're not obvious just by checking the names in a related skin list. From that perspective, I guess all skins could have a .gif / video / YT preview illustrating their capabilities, but it's kinda difficult to do it for such a huge number of them, from all ages and sources... :confused:
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