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Multiple HDD Monitoring/Access

General topics related to Rainmeter.
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Multiple HDD Monitoring/Access

Post by Bloodvyper »

Hi all,

I just downloaded Rainmeter, and am currently using a customized Enigma configuration on my desktop. Looks fantastic. I was hoping however, that someone could point me to, or help me create, a desktop HDD meter that will show my multiple HDDs (only two at the moment), including their capacity, and how much they are currently holding. The real bugger here though is, I'd like to be able to click on the meter and actually access the HDD through Windows Explorer, since I frequently need to actually get into both of them.

Is this possible in any way?

I am currently running Windows 7 64 bit, with the 64 bit version of the program, if that helps.
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Re: Multiple HDD Monitoring/Access

Post by Chewtoy »

Lots of skins do that already.
Just search on DevArt or Customize for a HDD-skin and I'm pretty sure something will turn up.
If you don't like how they look, study the code, learn from it and read Rainmeter101 and you'll be able to create your own in no time! :)

It could be in your intrest to read this page as well: Measures (look at 'Free diskspace')
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