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Can we get a list of scams and dodgy sites related to Rainmeter?

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Can we get a list of scams and dodgy sites related to Rainmeter?

Post by Jeff »

Hello, is it possible to get - to an official capacity - a list of all the scams related to Rainmeter?

I just stumbled upon this on Facebook, a Windows and MacOS trojan.

It's kinda sad really, something funny though is they just copy pasted stuff over, so the home page still talks about the official page and the documentation still states Rainmeter is a Windows only app
Anyways, the installer is - as you'd expect - fake!

There's also the case of sites that free boot skins, like that VisualSkins site, or straight up remove credit and modify the files like that Rainmeter-Skins site.
There was also the case of Chocolatey, but since silent installer got added, they just made it a glorified command line for that.

The only thing I can sadly do is just report all of this to , for the cases where we can't it would be nice to at least inform publicly what's there I suppose.
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Re: Can we get a list of scams and dodgy sites related to Rainmeter?

Post by Yincognito »

While the idea is good, I doubt there would ever be a comprehensive list of such sites or apps, official or not. Either the current approach of strongly recommending downloading and installing Rainmeter from this site, or making this thread sticky and add whatever new Rainmeter scams folks find online to it (like you just did), seem simpler. As for effectiveness, with the level of lies in all kinds of places online nowadays, the IQ level of users taking those as granted, and the level of security protection many of their systems lack, I don't know... :uhuh:

P.S. There's actually a site (notice the lack of - in the address) that looks legit, which those Facebook folks probably used as bait for their banner, given the address similarity to what they direct users to.
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