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"rainmeter.exe" closes after resetting gpu.

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"rainmeter.exe" closes after resetting gpu.

Post by mtchannel »

Hello friends. I'm someone who does "mining" on my PC from time to time. I am using amd rx580 8gb graphics card.
my problem;
"rainmeter.exe" closes itself when I run the following code in cmd prompt. I have to manually open it myself.

I am using this code to turn on "amd compute mode".

regedit code:

cmd code:
pnputil /restart-device "PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67DF&SUBSYS_34181462&REV_E7\4&14486ad3&0&00E0"

After running the cmd code, the video card resets itself, so it's like the computer is turned off and on. Then I start mining. this code makes full use of the hashrate of the video card.

What is the link between this code and rainmeter? why does rainmeter turn itself off after this code? I can solve the problem by preparing a bat file, but I want to understand why it closes for such a reason.
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Re: "rainmeter.exe" closes after resetting gpu.

Post by SilverAzide »

Probably for the same reason Rainmeter crashes when installing/updating video card drivers. You are basically yanking the rug out from under the app while it is using actively the driver, so it crashes. Try UNchecking the "Use hardware acceleration" option on the Rainmeter Settings tab and see what happens. My assumption is that Rainmeter will not crash after you do this, but we'll see...
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Re: "rainmeter.exe" closes after resetting gpu.

Post by Yincognito »

Besides SilverAzide's suggestion, you could close and restart Rainmeter in your .bat or whatever, while you're resetting the GPU. I doubt that you need it for that fraction of time anyway.
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