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[SUGGESTION] Rainmeter for xbox game bar

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[SUGGESTION] Rainmeter for xbox game bar

Post by Hylia »

As the title pretty much says, I think that adding in functionality for rainmeter skins to be placed inside xbox game bar would be a good idea. Game bar, if you didn't know, is basically the pc version of the in-game menu for consoles. If you're reading this on windows, theres a good chance you can just see it for yourself by pressing windows key + G. Letting the user place rainmeter skins inside of it would make more functionality based skins much more convenient to access, while giving the added benefit of making game bar much more useful itself if you don't already use it. It just feels to me like rainmeter would be the absolute perfect app for game bar, and really allow its full potential to be unlocked. Right now its just a glorified friends list with some handy system stats, but if rainmeter skins were added to it game bar would be a must-have productivity tool.

Now, of course I don't know what would need to go into such an endeavor. I know that game bar comes packaged with windows natively, and that microsoft has an sdk for making widgets that is freely available, so my (very ignorant) assumption is that they at least want it to be easy to develop for. Whether thats the case I have no way of knowing. Regardless, I think its definitely worth looking into.
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Re: [SUGGESTION] Rainmeter for xbox game bar

Post by Yincognito »

Just curious, why game bar? Do you want Rainmeter skins to be available in games or other D3D applications? There seems to be some possible interoperability between the D2D used by Rainmeter and D3D, according to Microsoft, even without using game bar as a "widget platform", but I'm not sure of the extent of changes required to make Rainmeter use that.

For the record, some system monitoring is possible in games using MSI Afterburner (MSI AB) and Riva Tuner Statistics Server (RTSS) to create a RTSS "skin" that can show stuff like CPU or GPU usage and such in games on pressing a hotkey, and Rainmeter skins can be available to the user if they are set to stay topmost and the game is run in a windowed mode (i.e. not in an exclusive D3D context), like showcased here. Probably not exactly what you want, but still.
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