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Ideas for a (heretofore nonexistant) updated MIDI skin

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Ideas for a (heretofore nonexistant) updated MIDI skin

Post by SuggyNam »

This is my request for a MIDI displaying skin. I didn't find any skin that displayed MIDI anywhere anyplace. I would like to see MIDI information displayed on my desktop, on which I am not actively using any Virtual instrument that can be cropped graphically as an OBS source, because it is a streaming computer and is there to run video, and the audio computer is elsewhere on the network. I need a dedicated source that I can set and leave in OBS. WIthout opening any audio software on the video computer. Specificly to crop the display source in obs, filter it, and put it on top of other sources to display the midi information or other graphical representations of a keyboard on a selected source MIDI Network loop. There must be 100 midi monitor programs. but none for rainmeter though it would be a comvenient thing to use to show MIDI graphically. I am not looking to program a skin, it's not my thing.

So if anyone wants a fresh idea, I see only about 1 person who has ever attempted a MIDI source rainmeter skin, and that was over 6 years ago. So , just a bit of help based on my foundations as a MIDI user, there would have to be a setting to select the midi source. You'd want the option to display the controllers, and the numerical value they are sending, as well as the many other types of midi being sent (DAWs have MIDI monitors this could give some ideas). There should be an option to set a CC based frequency range and specify how many CC values it corresponds to, this way the frequency of an oscillator could be displayed as midi is recieved (of course not forgetting a transposer option in case the keyboard is being transposed up or down) and divide the # of notes of the chromatic scale x the # of octaves by the range the CC will be passing thru, thus to start (basic or the transposed point) at the 0 CC value and select the right frequency of the (standard or transposed) to start from. To have a transpose amount read from NRPN values and interact with the CC for Osc frequency to deliver the actual note would be the ultimate. This would be one of the main things I would want as it is very hard to set this up. Of course you may say that would better be accomplished with a tuner, but I am strictly dealing with MIDI here. You may wish to give an option to have a modwheel graphical widget that shows a 3D modwheel that moves in response to MIDI control changes on the modulation CC (similar to a typical virtual instrument). Or a pitchwheel that goes up and down like the modwheel when the wheels are moved on a midi keyboard and thru a chosen source MIDI is sent... or give the user the option to set up dials, or lights, for as many dials or toggles they want. A program field to diusplay the current program number.
Just a few starting points. Thanks for reading.
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Re: Ideas for a (heretofore nonexistant) updated MIDI skin

Post by Brian »

Sorry, but we don't allow skin requests on the forums.