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USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701-G - 1.04-30-2023 Rainmeter Concept Skin

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USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701-G - 1.04-30-2023 Rainmeter Concept Skin

Post by Thinkr8 »

USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701-G - 1.04-30-2023 Rainmeter Concept Skin.

If you're like me and have seen all 10 episodes of Star Trek: Picard Season 3 you didn't want it to end.
It had to end, but that doesn't mean you can't have the newly recommissioned Starship on your computer desktop.

So I present to you the USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701-G Rainmeter Concept Skin. If the fans have their way, then in the near future we will have Star Trek: Legacy the TV series, hopefully, it'll be a long-running primetime TV show. I know for me, that's the way I'd like it to air. In the show, we will have a new enterprise starship and it will be the USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701-G captained by none other than Captain Seven of Nine (@JeriRyan). #makeitso

So in advance of #startreklegacy you can have the USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701-G Rainmeter Concept Skin.
I hope you like it as much as do.

Please keep in mind this skin/suite may not be the final version. If you want to (provided you have the knowledge) modify the code in this skin, you can. I only ask you to let me know and share it with me, thank you. Live Long and Prosper.

By the way, this skin/suite isn't supposed to follow the LCARS standard because it's a concept (Fan-Made).
And if you think it's too crowded each meter can be toggled on or off, with some minor exceptions.

If you would like to support the drive to have #startreklegacy become a reality join this Facebook Group - - click the link to learn more. And you could sign this petition -



Wallpaper_Modded USS TITAN Smartphone Wallpaper Recommisioned into the USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701-G_By Thinkr8 - Wallpaper is included.

JSMorely - For (,,, WeatherComCodes.ini, and RainRGB.exe

(I usually point all the .ini files to .inc files. Most of the time the .inc files are located in a folder name: "Ink." So if you're looking for the .inc's -in this case- go to !Rainmeter\Skins\USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701-G\@Resources\Ink. There you will find them.)

At the time I recorded the video (see it in action/today 04-30-2023 at 9am) changing the theme with the Captain's Log wasn't working. I fixed it before I released this skin/suite.

There is no application launcher with this version.

At this time the Captain's Log has separate settings from the main skin/suite (USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701-G), I might fix that in version two.



CPU: 6 cores and up. A four-core system will run it, but it'll be super, super resource heavy.

RAM: 8GB & Up.

GPU: Onboard or PCI-E. Prefer PCI-E.

OS: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7. x32/x64bit, Prefer x64.

Rainmeter Skin Package Info:

Rainmeter Version 4.17.3700 (64-bit) 01-29-2021 Win7 and Up.

Skin Installer Size: 27.6 MB.

English Only.

Every Rainmeter skin/suite I make is free from unwanted content.

Folder Size: 36.4 MB / Files: 437 / 122 Folders. (after installing/folder properties)

YouTube Link -
Screenshot 2023-04-30 031256.png
The file Is Too large for this forum, get it here -
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