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OnWakeAction broken on r3500?

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OnWakeAction broken on r3500?

Post by elijahroberts199 »

Using OnWakeAction=[!Quit] to test. It doesn't seem to be working. Is this a known issue?

Rainmeter beta (64-bit)
Language: English (1033)
Build time: 2023-04-28 10:10:45
Windows 10 Pro 2009 64-bit (build 19042) - English (1033)
Path: C:\Program Files\Rainmeter\
SkinPath: C:\Users\Carib\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\
SettingsPath: C:\Users\Carib\AppData\Roaming\Rainmeter\
IniFile: C:\Users\Carib\AppData\Roaming\Rainmeter\Rainmeter.ini
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Re: OnWakeAction broken on r3500?

Post by Jeff »

Can you provide a bit more info?
The "Changes made will generally not be visible until the next update" line on the docs makes me think it could be related to the Skin's Update and UpdateDivider values? If either of those are -1, the action is probably not taking place (as per how Rainmeter is designed)
Can you tell us those values (or just copy paste the entire section)?
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Re: OnWakeAction broken on r3500?

Post by balala »

I can't test this on Rainmeter, because I have a newer version of Rainmeter, however on this newer version, it works. If you can't get it working, I suggest you to update Rainmeter to the latest version, available out there (right now Rainmeter 4.5.17).
Since a while, Rainmeter is not released anymore on beta mode, so you should update for this reason as well.
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Re: OnWakeAction broken on r3500?

Post by Brian »

I believe this issue is fixed with the 4.5.18 release. Could you grab the latest Rainmeter version and test?